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To request a quote, please send an e-mail to AmyJo Proctor (amyjoproctor@weber.edu) with the following information:

Our shows are normally delivered as "domemasters + soundtrack." This means you will receive a set of numbered frames in JPEG format, along with a soundtrack in WAV format. You will need to compile the show (AKA: encode, slice, etc) for your projection system (your equipment dealer can assist in this task). We can provide limited encoding support for single-projector or single video file systems for a modest fee.

Try encoding one of our trailers or open source shows for free: ottplanetarium.org/files.

The main benefit of domemaster distribution is that you have more control over the visual quality of the finished product. Domemaster distribution also makes it possible for us to keep our prices low. Compiling shows for every conceivable planetarium system is expensive in terms of time and software. We'd much rather spend our time making new shows and pass the savings on to you!

Domemasters are delivered on USB HDD. We charge USD 100 for the HDD and shipping (and it's yours to keep). We use NTFS for distribution because it is widely compatible. We can use some other HDD formats upon request.

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